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Sanicat Aloe Vera 7 Days, 4ltr

Sanicat Aloe Vera 7 Day Freshness Cat Litter 4ltr

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Manufacturer : Sanicat

Sanicat Aloe Vera 7 Day Freshness Cat Litter 4ltr

Sanicat Is One Of Europe's Leading Brands Of Cat Litter With Over 35 Years Experience. Sanicat Offers The Highest Quality Natural Ingredients That Provide The Highest Levels Of Hygiene For Both You And Your Cat. For Pet Owners Who Always Look For The Best For Their Cats, For Every Moment Of Their Lives.

Sanicat 7 Days Freshness Is A More Sustainable Choice For Your Cat, Your Home And The Planet. 4L Of 7 Days Freshness Litter Is The Precise Amount Needed For 7 Long Lasting Odour Control Days.

Our Natural And Highly Absorbent Formula Effectively Controls Bad Odour To Keep Your Litter Fresh For Up To One Week. This Means Less Waste, More Freshness.

Aloe Vera Scent For Ongoing Freshness.

Sanicat 7 Days Is A Light-weight Absorbent Cat Litter In A Single-dose Pack That Ensures Freshness And No Maintenance For Up To 7 Days. Enriched With Oxygen To Neutralise Unpleasant Odours. Aloe Vera Scent Releases Pleasant Fragrance Throughout Use. No Dust And Coarse Granules Reduce Tracking And Is Soft On Your Cats Paws. Packaging Is High Quality FSC Certified Paper And 100% Recyclable.

Made From 100% Special Attapulgite Mineral.

Suitable For Cats And Kittens.

  • Aloe Vera Scented Highly Absorbent Cat Litter In A Single-dose Pack Keeps Odours Under Control And Requires No Maintenance For A Week.
  • Highly Absorbent
  • No Maintenance Required For At Least A Week
  • Single Serving Pack
  • Added Aloe Vera Scent For Freshness
  • Enriched With Oxygen To Eliminate Bad Odours
  • No Dust
  • Naturally Eliminates Bad Odours For At Least 1 Week.
  • Oxygen Neutralises Unpleasant Odours For Superior Hygiene And Odour Control. 
  • Aloe Vera Scent Releases A Pleasant Fragrance Throughout Us 
  • No Dust, No Staining And Soft On Your Cat’s Paws
  • 1 Pack Equals 1 Week Of Use Without Having To Clean The Tray

Using This Cat Litter:

  1. Provide A Litter Tray Large Enough For Your Cat Use Comfortably.
  2. Pour In Sanicat Cat Litter To A Depth Of 2-3cm.
  3. Inspect The Tray Daily And Using A Scoop Remove Solids As Necessary, Dispose Of With The Appropriate Household Waste.
  4. Occasionally Shake The Tray To Bring Fresh Granules To The Surface.
  5. At Regular Intervals The Tray Should Be Emptied Completely And Washed Out With A Mild Detergent. Dry The Tray Thoroughly Before Filling With Fresh Sanicat Cat Litter.

When Transitioning Your Cat To A New Litter It Is Best To Do So Progressively By Mixing The New Litter With Your Cats Current One. For The First Week Fill Your Cats Litter Tray Using 20% New Litter, Week 2 Split 50/50 Between New And Old, Week 3 Use 80% New And By Week 4 You Will Be Able To Move To 100% New Having Ensured A Seamless Transition For Your Cat.

As With All Cat Litters, It Is Recommended That Disposable Or Rubber Gloves Are Worn Whilst Handling Soiled Litter. Pregnant And Nursing Women Should Avoid Contact With Soiled Litter.


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