• Thrive ProReward Dog Training Treats (60g)

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    Pet project Thrive ProReward Wow 100% Beef Dog Treats 

    Each tube contains 40g 

    Thrive wow Beef Liver Dog Treats

    Made from 100% pure beef liver, with no additives, these are a real delicacy among dog treats. They are freeze-dried; taste great and ideal when training.

    Recommended by dog trainers.

    Delicious Thrive ProReward wow Liver dog treats are made using only the finest beef liver which is carefully freeze-dried to retain the nutrients and this also enhances the flavour, making them a very tasty treat. Your dog will love the great taste of these liver dog treats which are perfect when training your dog.

    But even if you are not training your dog, they make delicious little snacks.

    Only 100% delicious liver is used for these treats. The freeze-dried rewards are made with the highest quality liver and are completely free of additives, preservative and colour. Freeze-drying is a very gentle method of food preparation. The nutrient and mineral rich little cubes of pure liver also have a delicious, concentrated liver flavour and aroma. Your dog will adore these appetising little treats!

    Thrive ProReward liver dog treats come in a practical, re-sealable tin. The small cubes are easy to carry around and can be cut into smaller pieces for use when training. Please check the exact feeding recommendations in the table below. ProReward is highly nutritious and should be fed carefully.

    Please Note: Liver snacks and offal in general should not be given to Dalmatians, as these snacks have a high purine content and Dalmatians need a diet with a low purine content, to prevent the formation of uric acid stones.

    Liver Variety:

    100% beef Liver which is frozen then cut into small pieces and then just Freeze Dried.

    The Freeze drying processes is used on the strawberries in some breakfast cereals and if you’ve ever eaten them you will know how intensely powerful they taste; well just imagine how a dog, with its much more sensitive taste buds finds these. They’re irresistible!

    It’s why vets give a ProReward Liver treat to Dogs’ in the consultancy room to keep them happy and to ensure they love coming to see the vet!!!

    Typical Analysis: Protein 64.4%, Oil 14.6%, Fibre 0.2%, Ash 4.8%, Moisture 4.6%, Carbohydrate 11.4%.

    • Delicious and completely natural ingredients
    • Used throughout the world by professional dog owners
    • Recommended by vets due to its 100% pure quality
    • Available in these handy take antwhere tubes
    • All ProReward products are very gently processed to ensure they retain ALL the natural goodness!

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    not for human consumption


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