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The Golden Paste Company

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Having seen the amazing benefits of turmeric first hand with her family’s use, The Golden Paste Company founder, Janine Kell consulted with the Turmeric User Group and Dr Doug English, a respected Australian Vet who has had great success with the use of turmeric in 2016.

Janine started making Golden Paste and feeding it to her own horse.

In September 2017, with investment in the business and access to a wealth of experience from developing brands for British Horse Feeds, the Golden Paste Company set out to develop the company and its products. Combined with additional in house technical and nutritional know how, TurmerAid, the 3rd generation pellet was invented and branded in October 2017 and officially launched at the BETA International show to the trade in January 2018. 

The business has developed and grown to a national and soon to be international business.

The pet paste range has been extended to dogs through turmeric sausage slices (TurmerEase) designed to dose optimum levels of the supplement. The company also offers human paste and supplements and is a market currently targeted for future growth.

Raw materials are ethically sourced and recyclable packaging is encouraged at all stages of the chain.

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