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Armitage Pet Care


We are leaders in treats, toys and seasonal pet care

At Armitage we pride ourselves on bringing pleasure to our furry friends across the UK and beyond. Our flexible, innovative approach and strong supply network means we remain at the forefront of treat and toy innovation. We’re working hard to ensure everyone’s experience of the business and our products reflects our FIRST values of Flexibility, Integrity, Responsibility and Succeeding as a Team.

We're proud of all our brands

We’ve got it covered when it comes to caring for pets and their every need. Learn more about our brands below…

Good Boy

Take a Walk in Our World

With over 50 years of experience, Good Boy knows just how important it is for your fur-family to enjoy oodles of playtime, a full tummy and lots of cuddles.

Visit goodboy.co.uk


Happy Cats Choose Meowee!

At Meowee! we know how picky our feline friends can be, which is why we've developed a selection of irresistibly good cat treats in a variety of textures and yummy flavours as well as lots of fun toys to keep them (and you!) entertained.

Visit meowee.co.uk

Wild Bird

Food to chirp about!

Remember that birds need feeding all year round. We have a wide range of nuts, seeds, insects and treats to keep your birds chirping away.


Dietary Sensitivity? Choose Wafcol

Wafcol has been at the heart of sensitive diets for over 40 years and has been specifically developed with a leading dermatologist to be sensitive on dogs’ digestive systems.

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