• K-9 Cologne for Dogs


    Doggie Cologne


    Pongy Pooch?


    If your dog gets a bit wiffy from time to time –treat them to this fabulous doggie cologne from Ancol – available in 4 great smelling fragrances!

    K-9 Cologne is made with chamomile oil, and is a fantastic little fragrance - who wouldn't want their best friend smelling divine!


    A couple of sprays and a brush through, and say goodbye to pongy pooch, hello gorgeous-smelling pal!


    Made with high quality oils, this cologne can be used after bathing/showering or grooming, and can also be used to cover up a smelly dog.


    Natural oils in the cologne help soothe and refresh skin as well as to give your prince or princess added shine, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love smelling and looking great!


    100ml bottle, non aerosol pump action spray.


    All over body fragrance for your dog, but please avoid eyes and mouths!


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