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About Us - Our Story

Ford Pets - About Us
Welcome to our website!

We're Mark and Shaun and we love animals: we love pets, and we're passionate about all types of pet - from fur to feathers, fins to wings and paws to claws, we love them all!

Our love of our own furry little family and all the pets we have had over the years, lead us to set up Ford Pets, here's some facts about us, and how we got here.
  • Ford Pets started life online only, from a laptop and in our spare bedroom!
  • We've had a whole host of different types of pets
  • Our furry family currently consists of 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster and 4 guinea pigs!
  • We've also had Rabbits, Chipmunks, Mice and Fish (Coldwater & Tropical)
  • We've also cared for pets belonging to friends and family including cats, dogs, rodents, rabbits, Birds and a Gerbil
Click the pictures of our furbabies below to find out a bit more about them!


We currently have Bruce, the working-type Cocker Spaniel, along with two cats called Saffy and Sydney, and 4 Guinea Pigs called Sweep, Smudge, GB (Ginger-Bum) and Gizmo. We have shared our home with a whole host of other pets over the years, including Fish (Cold and Tropical), Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chipmunks and birds, and regularly look after friend and family's cats, dogs and other pets.

HollieLoved Snoozing and Cuddles!

Meet Hollie

We got Hollie in 2011. Born on 9th December 2010, we found Hollie (KC Name Sprinkle of Snow Holly) through looking at lots of adverts for breeders.

We knew we were ready to welcome a puppy into our lives for the first time, and decided that out of all the types of dog we could choose, that we wanted a Cocker Spaniel.

We went to see Hollie for the first time when she was just 10 days old, a litter of 4, she had a sister and 2 brothers. We then saw her every 2 weeks until she was ready to come home with us in the February.

Within days she was an integral part of our family, we sat up with her when she cried, we worked hard to toilet train her, and gradually she became the perfect little lady.

Sadly, we lost Hollie in May 2019, which left us heartbroken, but we will always remember her, with her love of soft toys (and lots of belly-rubs), and we always think of her when we see new toys that we know she would have loved to play and snuggle up with.

BruceLoves Playtime!

Meet Bruce

In December 2014, we found a Cocker Spaniel roaming the street in the very early hours of the morning, a week before Christmas, and while his owners were found and he went home, it got us thinking about getting another dog, so we started looking for another Cocker Spaniel, female, around 2 years old as a pal for Hollie. We looked for a few weeks, and then decided that maybe it just wasn't meant to be, so stopped searching.

We then received a message through a friend that someone was looking to rehome a boy spaniel, so we agreed to go and meet him. To cut a long story short, we came home that evening with a mad little bundle of 5-month old working Cocker called Bruce! Not exactly what we had in our minds, but we fell in love as soon as we saw him.

We'd be lying if we said it was easy, Bruce was so full of energy, and had some really big hang-ups about being left alone, and food, but we've worked hard with him in the time he's been with us, and whilst he still has his moments, he's so loving and affectionate - he sometimes listens to us, and does what he's told!

His absolute favourite game is playing fetch with a tennis ball, especially when we're using the brilliant ball thrower, so he can run even further to retrieve it!

He's quickly become a big character in our lives, and we wouldn't have him any other way!

Saffy (Saff) Loves Cuddles!

Meet Saff

The oldest in our pack is Saffy (nickname Saff). Saff found us when she was just 3-4 months old one cold, early November morning in 2002. Saff was curled up in the stairwell of the flats we lived in at the time. As we'd recently homed a little black and white boy kitten, we scooped Saff up and brought her into the warm, and the two of them immediately hit it off.

Saff actually had a home already, but was being terrorised by the couple's 2-year old daughter, so they asked us if we'd re-home her, which we did without hesitation. That was back in 2002, and Saff has been the 'Don' in our household since the beginning.

She's getting on in years, and enjoys snoozing all day. She loves cuddles (being held like a baby), she's not too keen on Bruce when he's being mischievous, but then he can push his luck - although she does love giving him a good chase around the house and garden (when she's in the mood to play)!

Sydney (Syd)Loves Food Time!

Meet Syd

After sadly going from having 4 cats in our home, to just 2, we decided we wanted a little boy kitten in our lives again, and went looking for a furry bundle to take home back in 2005.

We found Sydney almost by accident, as he was from a litter that a pet shop owner's cat had just had, and luckily for us, Syd was ready to go to a new home.

Originally called Boston (his brother was called Sydney), but as we'd always wanted to visit Australia, we decided that Sydney would be a much better name for him.

He was so comical in the first few weeks we had him, getting up to all sorts of mischief, he wasn't liked very much by our two other cats at the time (Eddie and Saff). Saff warmed to him soon after, and they still play sometimes, licking each other affectionately when nobody is looking!

Syd is very vocal and loves making his presence known, particularly when he thinks it's time for food! His favourite toys have to be teasers, and we'll always remember his green fish on a stick that he used to drag around the house, meowing about it at the top of his voice!

Sweep, Smudge, GB & GizmoLove Eating (and Pooping)!

Sweep, Smudge, GB and Gizmo

So we decided to add to our menagerie in 2017, seeing how entertaining and friendly Guinea Pigs are, we decided to take a little boy home - and called him Sweep.

Since then, we have added to our 'herd' of Guinea Pigs, by bringing home another 3 boys.

We still had guinea pigs in the shop for sale, when we decided that it was time to refer customers to local animal shelters, seeing as there are always so many pets looking for loving homes, and feeling like it was the right thing to do, so we decided to bring the boys home to live with us.

It took us a little while to find good names for them, and finally settled on Smudge, GB (Ginger-Bum) and Gizmo, and maybe one day they'll all get on and be able to live together without occasionally bickering! They all have their own spaces, and love nothing more than eating, pooping and peeing. They also love a good cuddle and fuss, and being very vocal when it comes to food!

LolaLoved Hiding her Food!

Meet Lola

So it was Christmas 2017 and Lola was the last remaining hamster in the shop - well, we couldn't have a pet without somewhere to call home at Christmas, so there was a last-minute dash around the shop to get everything we needed, and by Christmas Eve, Lola had a place of her own, home with us!

Lola is a relaxed, timid hamster, she loves treats and hiding food, She also regularly sits on our coffee table in her gyro-ball, but tends to fall asleep in it instead of actually running around!

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In 2017, we moved back to Plymouth, after spending 14 years away, and on 1st April 2017 (yes, April Fools' Day!), we officially took over our very own little pet shop in the Ridgeway, Plympton.

Formerly called Petsavers, we have invested in updating the look and feel of the shop, brought in new and exciting products, and spent time getting to know everyone locally, whilst learning the ropes of running our business.

We try products with our own furbabies, seeing how much our own pets love the products we stock, testing new items and especially testing the limits and durability of dog toys using our very own toy-destroyer Bruce.

We love to look at new products, and we talk to customers every day about what you want, and getting your feedback.

We've learned a lot along the way and we continue to make sure we can give all of you, our lovely customers, the very best service and advice.
Welcome to our shop, take a look around.

If there's something you're looking for, and you can't find it contact us, or if you have a question, we're here to help.

Don't forget you can also visit us at 59 Ridgeway, Plympton, and we'll do our best to help.

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