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Pet Boarding

Going on holiday? Moving House? or just need your small furry or feathered friend looking after for a little while?

Then look no further - we board small animals and birds in the shop, and all our staff are experienced in looking after a wide range of animals.

We can cater for most types of caged birds and small furries, from hamsters to Guinea Pigs and Rabbits to Rats!

Your small friend will receive a truly 5* stay with us, with a daily turn-down service of fresh hay/bedding, food and water changes as well as a twice-weekly room cleaning service, and fresh food daily, all you need to provide is their dry food, and any toys or other items you want them to have while they are with us.

Fill out the form below, or contact us at boarding@fordpets.co.uk, to make an enquiry about booking your pet in with us for a stay,

Pet Boarding Tariff

Pet Type


Day Rate

Week Rate

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs




Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice




Rats, Degus, Chinchillas




Budgies & Caged Birds

(not Parrots, Parakeets or Cockatiels)




Parakeets, Cockatiels

(not Parrots)




Any other type of pet, boarding price agreed at time of booking.

(Prices valid from October 2018)
  1. Boarding is charged inclusive of check-in and check-out days
  2. Boarding chargeable per cage (not per animal)
  3. Where tariff indicates 'Own' cage - boarding requires pet owner to provide own cage for duration of stay
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